parenting on purpose

Wednesday night is “Game Night” at our house.

There are simple expectations for each of us that night. We get home from our daily responsibilities, each being a bit different. We eat dinner together (We try to as often as we can), attempt to have stimulating conversations, and immediately follow it with some kind of game or activity that involves all of us. (It’s usually a board game). Sometimes we separate into teams, other times it’s every person for themselves.

I must admit a few things:

Occasionally, it requires a twist of the arm for my son. He’s 12, has lots of friends, and an active social life. My daughter is 8 and although she is still overly enthralled about doing stuff as a family, her attention is hard to grab if she already has her mind on something else. There may or may not be an argument as to who picks the game, who rolls first, what color piece you are, or who gets to be on Daddy’s team. (I am the game master) Also, the stimulating conversation at the table that I speak of may be a tedious outpouring of more “one worders” than a captured P.O.W.

“How was school”…”Fine”…”What did you do today”… “Nothing”…

I will tell you that it doesn’t take much of an arm twist for either of them to break out of the “I’M SO BORED ZONE” and really start to engage. Once we get them rolling they are unstoppable. My son starts telling jokes and my daughter asks “Why” 743,976 times in 2 minutes about everything that is said. After we warm up a bit, we really start to look like a family! I love to hear them having a good time. It’s awesome to watch them figure stuff out for themselves, or not. Sometimes we laugh ourselves off of our chairs!

Well, we accidentally missed game night this week. No one reminded anyone, unconsciously. We were unintentionally rapped up in life and casually forgot.So it was time for me to go to work…ON PURPOSE. I reminded, we all recalled, and we rescheduled. We spoke about our game night, its importance, and we agreed that we will have game night on Friday this week.

You see, It may not always be easy to get it started, and it can be so simple to forget, but that is no reason to just not do it. Once the wheels are spinning, it delivers great results. Results that are necessary for a family to be a successful team.  Creating scenarios that lead to an open line of communication for all.  Times that generate joy and laughter. Most of all, it shows them the importance of keeping a promise when someone else is counting on your contribution.

Parenting on Purpose holds true with everything your family counts on you for. Every fast promise you make to you child to appease them. Every time they request your attention while you’re doing something “more important”. Taking every chance you get to catch them doing something GREAT and letting them know that you are proud to be their dad. Do yourself a favor and stop leaving parenting to chance. Stop accidentally “getting by” because your tired, busy, or not in the mood.

Be deliberate, be calculated, be fanatical…..Parent on Purpose!


3 Responses to parenting on purpose

  1. Matt Keller says:

    You make me want to subscribe to your blog. & I’ve never said that in my life.

  2. Mike Ash says:

    bro, I need to get you in to talk to the parents at NLC with this message…it’s good stuff…

  3. Fan says:

    I’m so proud to have a husband that holds the family accountable for our “family time”. The truth is, once we remembered that we missed game night, I would have been fine to say…”Oh Well, we’ll make sure to remember next week”. But that’s how it starts, then you forget the next week, and the next thing you know you’re saying to yourself…”Gee, whatever happened to having game nights?”
    I’ve told you this privately, and now I’m saying it publicly…Thanks Honey for you commitment to our family :)

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