nothing is perfect

I think that the payoffs for working hard at growing a family are the moments that you are not “required”.

Please notice that I did not say absent. I mean the times that you are together and it feels like you are floating on a lazy river with a cool drink and the perfect amount of sun block. Your children are content (for some unknown reason), your wife feels safe/appreciated/loved, and everything mechanical in your house is operating properly (some even without the duct tape). A double bonus is when this goes down on a Saturday or Sunday.

I have heard some people describe family life as a never ending and exhausting duty. I have heard some people say that raising kids is a thankless job. I have heard people say that there spouse can never be satisfied. I look at those people and notice they always seem tired.

But who wouldn’t be if it is really like that for them?

I think a better solution is within your reach and is easier than it seems. Life is something that “just happens“, regardless of your efforts. That must be a fact, just look at all the bumper stickers that tell you so. Life can be a reward or punishment! “Family Life“, however, is the “dream job“. Your family is a business that you own and are responsible for. If you work hard, with your business partner, to cultivate your employees, your business will be successful. Profitable. If you work hard enough getting your employees ready, they will inevitably be able to take on a greater roll in helping you to run your business, making it more profitable.

Eventually, there will be time that they will get so good at it that you would only slow down the momentum if you chose to interject in certain areas. So you just sit back and let it happen. You do NOTHING and it still runs and grows! That is the privilege. Watching it work without you, or in some cases, in spite of you. The success. The joy. The reward. Doing NOTHING is what the situation calls for because that is what you worked so hard to accomplish.

It is during those times that a man can catch his breath. No… It’s not permanent. Sometimes it is over before you know it, and sometimes its longer that you think.

While it is happening. Watch. Smile. Enjoy. Appreciate. Love. Listen. Learn. Celebrate!

You see, part of your roll as a dad is to prepare your family. To get them ready for life to “just happen” and for them to be OK with it. If you work hard when you have to, you will get that time to rest. You can even have time for yourself, if you choose. That is why God created whatever it is your hobbies are. They are rewards for you to enjoy when you need a break from a job well done.

So, you have a choice…

1) Do as little as possible as a husband and a parent and you can tediously work the rest of your life at trying to hold it together on your own, or…

2) Work hard when you are supposed to, and put in the time your family deserves so that you can do NOTHING



One Response to nothing is perfect

  1. Mike Ash says:

    you should write a book…if you do, you should give me a chapter…

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