truth or dare

When you ask God for help, do you mean it? Or are you just playing a game?

Anyone who has been reading my blog would understand that I am content. I love my wife and children. I am grateful for the things that I have and successfully reduced the amount of things that I would regularly covet elsewhere. I don’t really ask much for myself but I do insist on much for my family. I have always considered myself a “provider“.

It is not a title, goal, or measurement. It’s just a fact.

Being a father is a great responsibility but it is also easy if you think about it. You just do what you think is best, until you learn if there is anything better.

But how do you learn about what is better? When do you change your plan? When do you finally submit and start to attempt to “turn the Titanic”, and what will it take?

I know for me, I can see it in the eyes of my wife and children. Sometimes I guess, sometimes I ask, and sometimes I just listen. The sound of their hopes echo in their voices. You can see their dreams in their eyes. There is a certain feeling of satisfaction that is evident in a person.

There is also the opposite.

You know, when things are going wrong. You know, when things need to change because they are not happening in a way that is adding to a healthy lifestyle. It may be working, but it just doesn’t feel right. Well, when it comes to my family, I don’t stand for that! I start to plan, rework, rethink, reorganize, reformulate, and reconstruct a new plan. One that will include their desires, fulfills their dreams and expectations, and raises their hopes. I am a provider, and I am most satisfied when I am doing so.

So I had this job… up until I was fired yesterday.

It was a job that was helping me “provide”. It was a tool, not a definition. I could pay my bills and the hours were good. I liked the people that worked for me and I liked the type of work we accomplished. But there was some “things” that were not satisfying. There were some things that I leaned to deal with because I thought I had to. There were some people there that had a lot to learn about being “people”. So I prayed for them, put on my headgear, and went to work every day. I did it because I had to; I did it for my family. After all, I am a man, a conqueror, a warrior…

“What we do in life echoes in eternity” –Russle Crowe (The Gladiator)

We’ll, as it seems, God is the same kind of father that I am. He knew something was wrong with the way things were going down. He paid attention. He asked. He listened. He stepped in and saved the day. I got fired.

Yippie! Thank you God! You’re such a great Dad! Good looking out! (I’m am not sure how to write ‘sarcasm’ so please note that as such)

We need to be aware that if we speak the truth, we are daring God to act. If you pronounce something as broken, we are challenging Him to fix it. Remember, HE is the greatest warrior ever. THE warrior whose existence IS eternity! So he wait’s for the right time (his time) and acts. I have to add that he is much better at “turning the Titanic” than I…

Six hours later I was employed again.

Believe in the TRUTH…   …I DARE you.

(Update / Oct 18, 2007: It’s official…God actually knows what he is doing. My new job ROCKS!)


6 Responses to truth or dare

  1. Scott says:

    Hey glad to have heard from you. Your blog was good, I wonder what people you were praying for,…..I have a pretty good idea!

  2. Mike Ash says:

    cool stuff bro…

  3. Sheri says:

    Charlie, please let me know where you landed!! I hope the best for you, and hope whatever it it makes you truly happy!! Sheri

  4. Mom says:

    My son, you are a phenomonal being. I am so proud of you. Your focus is in the right place. Becasue if that the Lord is doing wonderful things in your life. I love you.

  5. I know I always get what I need regardless of what I think I want…

  6. Kev says:

    Your not far off frommy personal mission statement: I train, provide resources, motivate and get the heck out of the way!” I get what your saying….I struggle with the part that not everyone GETS our passion or attenton to detail and will throw us under the bus the first chance they get! ( dare I mention names?)

    You inspire me to be a great leader, my other mission statement is always have 1 I am carrying with me and always have 1 I am pushing ahead of me”. I feel I am motivating others to do what I do…but actually do it better. The aplaud them when I am working for them one day…..

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