the symbiote dad

Lessons of humility from the web-slinger.

Spiderman 3 introduced a symbiotic being from somewhere unexplained. I will give a readers digest version of what that is for those that are unfamiliar while trying not to offend some of the spidey-fanatics.

This black, slightly thicker than water, animate object is from somewhere else. It comes to earth “blob style” on a meteor. It isn’t necessarily pissed, but it doesn’t look friendly. Its black and shiny therefore making it look pretty dope. It likes to stick to things but is venomobviously looking for a specific home as it keeps moving   until it finds a suitable host (human). When it does, it attaches itself. Once again giving you the idea that it is not friendly due to the manner in which it assumes and consumes. It takes on your shape and seems to add or subtract what it thinks is needed. Giving its new “partner” a different appearance on the outside. And then slowly starts to work on the inside….

At first glance it seems to be a good deal. You’re stronger, faster, and apparently sexier. You have help in addressing your cause. Sort of like a friend. Sure, at first, it forces itself on you in a way that makes you very uncomfortable, but if you can survive the cardiac arrest, it seems to be OK. Everything might be unexplainable, but it is certainly better. (or so it seems)

A change continues slowly on the inside while you remain enamored and focused on the exterior effects you are experiencing. Your confidence turns to cockiness. You replace having character with being a character. You become boastful, egotistical, and self-satisfying. You get lazy because you rely on this outer shell to define the person you are.

You wake up one day and find yourself alone surrounded by a fabricated wonderfulness that only you seem to appreciate. Partially because no one can stomach you, but mostly spider 3because no one can recognize you. Your new faux-strengths and abilities have weakened your natural ability to fend for yourself. You are afraid to face anything on your own because you forget how.

Here is the wake up call…

What is your symbiotic suit? What has attached itself to you that can give you an appearance of greatness? How much control does it have on you? How much have you learned to rely on it?

Your problem is you are too busy holding on to your unworthiness”         -Ram Dass

So we hide it in our addictions. It could be drugs, alcohol, or nicotine. It might be gambling, the Internet, or pornography. It can hide in your work, diet or fitness regimen. It can take the shape of a video game, hobby, or ritual.

What if I told you it could be as simple as your car, wardrobe, I Pod, or even a writing instrument?

It can be so easy for us to rely on outward signs to define us. It is simple to hide behind our flashy, shiny, empowering symbiote and ride the shallow wave of envy that pulls us through life. I’m not saying that it is some kind of sin to spoil yourself on occasion. Just be careful of what you think you deserve and make sure that you understand its place in your life’s story.

They are tools, not definitions.

Personally, I am not a better Christian, husband, father, or person because I own a funky spideyposter.jpgfresh, black, Chrysler 300 with a dope custom grill, tinted just right, all rolled up on 22’s. I just think I look better doing it to the bystander. I’m sure I will be just as effective as a Christian, husband, father, and person in my company issued, 2004, 115000 miles on the odometer, champaign, Ford Taurus, all rolled up on 15’s. Partially because of the fact that it is free and I will be saving a boatload of money monthly on a payment, insurance, and gas. But mostly because I’m still the same guy that God loves, that my wife counts on, and that will still be a superhero to my kids…

Even in my old “spidey suit”


3 Responses to the symbiote dad

  1. Matt Keller says:

    Charlie, I think it is so cool that God is working on your heart with this. Let it ride, and see where he takes you.


  2. David says:

    We are all trying to find that person, or spirit, God made us to be. I love the metaphor, as spidey is one of my favorites. It isn’t until we are faced with the reality of those things that are eating into our true self that we realize we are moving the wrong way. Pride is such an insidious thing. Keep exploring the superhero that your wife and kids see in you. God will make you aware of the work he is doing in you.


  3. Jenny Decker says:

    I dont like that car anyway…

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