faith…kinda, sorta

Think about anyone you know that is in a position of power.

kingIt may be the President, Vice President, or a Chief of Staff. It could be an Accountant, a Doctor, or a Counselor. It may be a Police Officer, Judge, or Jury. It might be a Parent, a Teacher or a Coach. It does not matter who you pick, all of them have one thing in common. They are used to being in charge. They are the ones that have to remember to hold things together in good times and in bad. They are the ones that we count on when the going gets tough and we need more help than we are able to offer ourselves. They are the people with the plan.

That is, of course, if what they stand for is not in our way of getting what we think we deserve.

Each of these people has certain rules that they are committed to administering in order to reach a goal. Some are trying to keep us safe. Some are trying to make us smarter. Some are trying to get us to work together as a team. Whatever the goal is, they are committed to it, whether we like it or not. These are the people that understand, better than anyone, that if we just followed the plan that they have mapped out for us, everything would be just fine.

Kinda, sorta like Jesus.

duhThe problem comes when someone thinks that they can do it better, faster, or easier if they could just do it their way. That’s when they try to take the place of the leader and show them that their way works so much better than the way things have been proved to be done. Then, when they fail (and make a bigger mess of these things), they throw the problem back at the “super leader” to fix with his great expertise. (and it’s usually twice the mess that it was in the first place)

Kinda, sorta like us.

Let me illustrate. So your doctor tells you not to smoke. You decide to keep smoking and everything is great till you get cancer. You get scared so you go back to the doctor and ask him to care for you, and you both hope for a cure. When all you had to do was listen to him the first time he told you (but you thought you knew better, right?) The crazy part is that it is way more than just the doctor talking to you. Everyone knows it’s bad to smoke. There are all kinds of warnings on the box, on the TV, in magazines, on the radio….everywhere. You don’t have to look far to find out what to do and what to stay away from.

Kinda, sorta like the Bible.

What do you call it when people know the difference between right and wrong and choose “wrong” for themselves? What does it look like when common sense isn’t strong enough to temptationguide you down the right path? What do you call this insistent lack of planning and understanding?

IT’S NOT FAITH. Faith is following the instruction of your leader without regard for the visibility of the path or the timeliness of the outcome. IT’S NOT OBEDIENCE: Obedience is what comes from becoming a follower through understanding the love and concern of your leader. IT’S NOT TRUST: Trust is committing your care to your leader.

I believe it is simply called TEMPTATION… The cool thing is, regardless of your past decisions and/or current situation, it is still your choice to give in to it or not. The decision is easy if you have FAITH, and are OBEDIENT to a leader that you can TRUST.

Kind, sorta like God.


3 Responses to faith…kinda, sorta

  1. Kevin says:

    Charlie, you always had a knack for putting “coolness” into topics. That was cool. (great pics!)

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