the dark side of the force

VaderDid you sympathize with Darth Vader when he was trying to get Luke to see things his way?

Lord Vader was more than a dark, ruthless figure, out to capture, torture, or kill heroes to prevent them from thwarting the Empire. Vader was also a dad. A dad with a son. A son that he thought he knew best about. I like to think that Vader had one of two intentions (one equally as selfish as the other):

1. Ensure his (Vader’s) destiny would be fulfilled

2. To guide Luke to a life that was (in his opinion) equal to, or better than, the one he (Vader) was living

The catch was that Luke had a different idea of what he was to become. His path was quite different than his fathers. Actually, it was the opposite. Unfortunately for Lord Vader, he wanted something that his father could not provide any help toward. Luke wanted nothing more than to be accepted for what he believed to be right, and go about his business. A don’t make me come out therebusiness that would all but erase any evidence of his Father’s existence. So Vader did what any dad would do…

He tried to “force” Luke to see things his way.

They debated, yelled, and traded limbs.  Darth got more and more pissed and Luke got more and more confused. They were torn apart and were no comfort to each other as they struggled in their journeys to define their lives as individuals. Father and Son, torn apart because of an opinion. These guys couldn’t agree on a few little things, and they came up with the brilliant idea to try to kill each other.

Now back to a galaxy that is not so far away…

LukeWhat do you try to force your kids to do? Is it attending a certain school they hate? Is it playing an instrument they would rather not? Is it participating in a sport they have little interest in? Don’t you think it would be better for them to do what interests them, as opposed to what you think interest them. (or more selfishly, what interests you). Do you think you are driving them to succeed? How long do you think they will keep it up once they are out of your parental stronghold?

Think of the percentages of people that actually become professional athletes, actors, musicians, beauty pageant winners, gymnasts, ballroom dancers, singers, etc… Now compare that to the amount of parents that swear that their kid is “the one”. So, what are you preparing your child for in the event that Simon Cowell doesn’t let them through to Hollywood?

Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to certain things, what you say should be “the law” until they know better. Like taking showers, brushing teeth, eating healthy, those ten commandment things, etc. I do, however, recommend that you encourage your child to be a “sampler” of life. Try foods before you say you hate them, experience a sport before you commit to it, and experiment with things before you dive into them. Help them to broaden their minds and educate themselves so that you can prepare them to make their own decisions when you are out of the picture.

“The Force” may lift up your hopes, but “you” have to raise your children.

Let go!


3 Responses to the dark side of the force

  1. David Gill says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen!!!! Encourage the sampling of life in a safe environment. Today parents spend thousands of dollars trying to give their children “the edge”. The edge of what?

    Let go, and let them be children with parents they know will be there for them if they fall.

    Well said Charles!

  2. Rohit Prasad says:

    Yeah, Vader definitely does deserve a hearing. Vader turned to the Dark Side (See Revenge of the Sith) because of his love for Amidala and the Jedi’s unwillingness to take cognizance of his love and attachment to her. All they could give him was a load of shit like “do not be attached to anyone”. In addition, Obi Van tries to engineer a split between the two. Who would’nt turn against this lot?

  3. alistar says:

    Vader definetly wanted good for Luke, and Leia. Of course he wanted Luke to see things his way–that’s why he cuts off his hand… and when Luke cuts off Vader’s hand and sees that it is all wires and stuff he understands what his father was trying to do–make him a strong Jedi in the face of adversity, even if that meant looking like a bad father to Luke. Although, it is heart-wrenching when Luke sees Vader’s hand wires and finally understands…brings tears to my eyes EVERY time…

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