the right of way

In most cases, it is seems to make more sense to make a wrong decision than it is to make a right one.

I think of yellow street lights. It is much easier to keep your foot on the pedal that it’s on; rather than to move it to another one. It seems simpler to press down on the pedal that your foot is already attached to and accelerate your vehicle. It appears harmless to zip through the intersection and press on to your destination before any of those other cars get in your way.

But it’s wrong, isn’t it?

Everyone knows that the yellow light really means: “Hey, you need to get ready to stop, so that we can get ready to get on with plan for the rest of the folks out here.” The cool part is that you know that the rule is there for a reason and you can trust that there is a good chance that nothing bad will come of you following the rules. You will be safe, limit the chances of receiving a citation, and the road rage warriors will have to continue to comb the earth for a different victim to unleash the hideous scent that comes from them showing you what is under their striped tail.

All you have to do is stop accelerating and apply the breaks.

Some men need to apply this theory to all of the temptations that life throws at them. Those things that we know are not quite right and that will eventually get us in trouble. It seems so simple just to “floor it” and see what happens; but it is probably a better idea to apply the breaks and give yourself time to think about what your getting yourself into. Heck, you might even decide to turn around once and a while.

Do yourself a favor:

You need to stop pretending that this blog does not apply to you and your journey. This is about each of us. These things are inevitable. We all hate streetlights when we are in a rush to get to where we want to go, but they are still there, aren’t they. No one is running around and removing the lights from your path. It is something that you have to deal with everyday, all day, and for the rest of your life.

Yellow lights don’t go away, but thank God!

They are there to protect us, not hinder us. We have those same types of traffic signs in our hearts. It is that little warning light that goes off right before you: run that yellow light, cheat on your taxes, get a violent urge, seek for pornography, do drugs, steal, lie, smoke, eat poorly, give into lust, ignore you kids, abuse you wife, break the law, go against the words of God, etc…

It is called our conscious.

see the lightI challenge you to start to practice that on the road tomorrow; as an outward sign to yourself that it is possible to overcome lifes temptations. Start with traffic lights so that you can give yourself some immediate gratification with a simple goal. Feel victorious because you had a decision to make and you made the right one.

Then you will know that you are ready to turn the focus inward so that you can get to work on your heart.

I started yesterday. When will you?


2 Responses to the right of way

  1. David says:

    Great insights! It is often that we make little choices without thinking about the long term effects. Often these long term effects are not visible to us until we “reap the harvest”. Better, I think, to put your foot on the brake for a few quick seconds, than to regret your inaction for a lifetime.

    Your challenge to “start to practice that on the road tomorrow; as an outward sign to yourself that is is possible to overcome lifes temptations”, is right on the money. Things that happen on this earth are a manifestation of what is happening in the heavenlies. Rain storms, riots, earthquakes, etc; but the word tells us that our actions, words, thoughts, all effect what is done in heaven. Our little seemingly small action, will have great impact far beyond what we see in this feeble life we struggle to race our way through here on earth.

    God Bless your ministry Charles. It is great getting to know you here on this blog.


  2. Charles Arcario says:

    Thank you Dave. I feel the same way about your work.


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