race to end your relation’chip’

try meHow long has it been since you have had a chance to play with slot cars?

Its racing made easy. You just get your car in the groove and pull the trigger. You don’t have to steer, you just have to accelerate. You also learn, very quickly, that if you lay off the gas on the tougher parts of the track, you have a better chance to stay on it. If you fall off, you just grab the car and put it back in the slot. It’s that easy. There isn’t much you can do to mess up the fun.

All you have to do is keep it on track.

In all of my years of playing with slot cars, I have never seen anyone have their car leave the track and do nothing about it. They don’t yell at it until it jumps back on. They don’t make fun of it an effort to humiliate it into place. They don’t ignore it until it comes to its senses and returns. They may be gat a bit pissed, but they wipe that CHIP off their shoulder and press on.

They simply get off their buts, get the car back on track, and get back into the race.

triggerWe have an instinct, starting from childhood, to keep things “moving”. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what we need to perform in order to get our desired result. We waist no time, heck, we would sometimes SPRINT to get things back to normal. We have a passion to keep playing; and we act deliberately to get ourselves back into play.

That being said…

Why do we forget everything that has been proven to be instinctual when it comes to removing this CHIP when it comes to our family? Why is it that when life falls off track, we sometimes ignore everything we know would be helpful? What the heck are we waiting for to get things back on track?

Are we going to yell , humiliate , or ignore to get a desired result?

Or are we going to get off our buts, as fast as we can, and do what it takes to get things back on the track?

3 wideSometimes the car will land close; and sometimes it will fly all the way across the room. Sometimes it will be our spouse’s car and sometimes it will be our kids’ cars. Other times it may simply be our own. These are the moments to put pride, anger, misunderstanding, jealousy, greed, etc… to the side and get the car back where it belongs.

Finally, you have to learn from your mishap and apply it to your new race strategy. It isn’t much fun to continuously fall off track. It also kinda sucks to go so slow that you can read the writing on the tires.

They have a name for the “happy medium” between those extremes in our relationships…



4 Responses to race to end your relation’chip’

  1. myolivebranch says:

    clever title. i read this post more than once before i caught it. my brain simply made a correction in the spelling to be what i thought it was intended to be. how arrogant was i? or perhaps i was in denial? next time my car flys off the track i will try to implement a new strategy.

  2. Alasdair says:

    slot cars are cool 8) … if nothing else you’ve just reminded me I have a set in the garage requiring liberating :)

    It’s a funny (strange not ha! ha!) thing with relationships, I’ve always found that the mrs and I are drawn together in the face of adversity, whether it’s applicable to one or other or both … trust me when I say we’ve seen adversity, and more than you’ll ever read about in the blogs.

    I think that it’s a 1 + 1 = 3 thing, nice post … slot cars are always good :lol:

  3. His Girl says:

    Well as a woman who is single I must confess I still find so much wisdom in this site. I do not have a Mr. but I do have two children. The same application goes for that relationship and for my friendships. When the car gets off track with any of them it is time for me to get back on track and move forward. Love this site. Love the lessons learned. Thank you Charlie.

    ~ His Girl

  4. Charles Arcario says:

    thank you HG. i love that you stop by…

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