she’s a brick……….house

stoneI remember being a stone.

There was no rhyme or reason to my edges. Some were curved and some were sharp. There was no motive for them to conform to anything or for the stone to change its shape or size. I was closer to round than it was to square. I didn’t have to match with anything. I was simply a random piece of stone. Rolling along, trying to move along with life.

Life takes a stone and transforms it.

It works at smoothing out the rough edges of your stone. It does it’s best to even out the sides and flatten the top and bottom. You sometimes question why life is messing with you; everything seemed to be pretty darn good as you rolled along. Now you have transformed into something that looks more like a brick.

One day you meet another brick.

bricksAt first you don’t quite fit together. At a glance it looks you might, but, you are a little too different in shape, size or shade. Still, there is something there that tells you that you should figure out a way to make the connection. You try to figure out something that can make you two fit together a bit better. Individually you were solid, but you could be a foundation if you were together. You work to bond your bricks together.

So you figure out how to make mortar.

Love is the mortar that bonds you two together. It actually conforms to fill in the gaps of the inconsistencies and deficiencies of your brick and her brick, at the same time. It can take two bricks that don’t seem like they would work together and make them fit like a glove. Once they are together, they are actually stronger  and more useful that ever before.

wallNow you have something to build on.

So you add a few more bricks and start building a home on your foundation. You build it out of faith, children, love, experiences, finances, commitment, trust, time, devotion, communication, understanding, compassion, etc…All still relying on the mortar of ‘love’ to help bond the edges of all those bricks to shape what you will eventually call your “family life”. You learn what works together with your efforts, and you also learn what is going to require some extra mortar.

Then Mother Nature steps in to test what you have built.

For the purpose of this story, we will call her “Fletcher”. So this “Mother Fletcher” puts your home to the test. She wants to see if it can withstand here random acts of destruction. She chips at your ‘trust’ bricks and your ‘communication’ bricks. She scrapes at your mortar to see how cured and strong it is. This Mother Fletcher even goes as far as to try to replace some of the bricks that you have put into place with her own bricks. Bricks that are chipped and broken. Bricks that do not conform to the building plans you have put in place. Finally, this “MF”, attempts to make you question the stability and the placement of the bricks that you worked so hard to put in place to begin with. Bricks that are crucial to your families survival. No one welcomes this Mother, she just “shows up”, rearing it’s wolf head in it’s sheep’s clothing.

So we invest in storm protection.

My family and I have made some minor home improvements. We have put together an emergency response program that will help better protect our bricks the next time that sinister Mother Fletcher rears her evil head again. We know what to do in the event of a storm and we have faith that we will not be weakened again. Last time we got lucky because these bricks were deceptive. In this case, “MF’s” bricks were crooked, hollow, facades; masquerading as short cuts to freedom from a struggle familiar to all. They disguised themselves as the most innovative and revolutionary “building products” of our time, but were actually, weak, pitiful and misshaped additions that would have caused enough “code violations” to shut us down for quite some time as we recovered.

Having strong walls (made of bricks and filled with mortar) like I described early in the story, are one of the things you can count on protecting you. We know they are not perfect, but they are OURS. We know that some of the bricks require a bit toolsmore mortar, but we know how to make it by the truckloads in our house. We take time to file, shape and polish our bricks. We do it together and we take pride in our workmanship.

As the leader of my household, it is my job to inspect all bricks that are potentially added to our family. It is also my job to chip out and replace any bricks that entered the family structure, behind my back or by mistake. As the leader of my household, I use what God has given me to build my structure in HIS timing and for HIS pleasure. I do not take shortcuts and I do not lose site of the most successful General Contractor of all time.

After all, God is “in charge”… I’m just a mason.


3 Responses to she’s a brick……….house

  1. Chantal says:

    Sometimes when I read your posts, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…you had me doing both on this one, Charlie: laughing at your witticism (MF, that’s good), crying at my own “house” falling apart. I hope the General Contractor has extended warranties, and that rebuilding is covered!

  2. His Girl says:

    Charlie, great advice for us singles in the world. I so need to remember what you have taught here. Thank you for such wisdom once gain. I am in tears.

  3. Charlie says:

    Chantal: You hang in there nice lady…”Welcome to my reconstruction project……” God is like Tye Pennington on steroids.

    HG: I wish I could offer you an internet handkerchief. I hope you don’t stop coming over because I make you too sad. Tell me something that makes you laugh…I’ll write about that!

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