how’s your credit score

I have received some very nice accolades, as of late, from my new friends in Blogtopia.

I am not sure if there is etiquette to this award giving thing; so I will error on the side of better judgment by paying forward a few complements and giving credit where credit is due. The under named persons / sites have been a part of my daily routine for quite some time now. Sometimes I read and enjoy, sometimes I read and think, and sometimes I read and ignore. The important thing, to me, is that I always read.

I look forward to each of them for different reasons. The comments that I leave for them are sometimes value added statements (in my opinion), and other times they are just nonsense; attempting to be humorous. Sometimes I reply to try to be a blessing; and other times I reply just to let them know that I came to visit. So without further delay, I present to you, some of my newest friends:

PS: I made the awards myself…that’s how much I care…

My first award goes to Alasdair @


MATH is a consummate reminder to me that life is hectic and glorious at the same time. He seems to find joy in misery and vice versa. (i may be overstating a bit) His posts are as random as back hair but far more useful. He goes from being Mr Mom to Super Dad at the speed of a bullet. He has a wife that adores him and will fight you to prove it. His political views are well thought out and powerfully stated. He is a “wanna be” handyman that drinks tea in the afternoon. I can’t tell, sometimes, if he believes in nothing or everything when it comes to spiritual matters; but he seems to believe in “people”. (Though sometimes he believes that they are simply morons: lol :)

It makes sense to follow MATH with his wife Jo @


Jolene is the family bread winner, by family choice. At a glance there is very little that we have in common. After all, I am a man and she is not. She makes homemade toys for her children and sews ridiculous costumes for her family to wear in public. All of which I admire due to the tradition and values that she tries to carry on from generation to generation. She is also a wiz with trimming sheers. She adjusted her hubby’s hairstyle on a whim and proudly displayed it for the world to ridicule admire. I am most drawn to her site for something un-awarded today. She has taken on a role in her household that is typically saved for a man. I watch to see how she handles life, home, and work from a perspective that is similar to mine…but opposite. She gives me comfort by sharing in my outlook of the world and providing me with a view that would never be afforded to me otherwise; that of a woman, wife, and mother.

Then there is my award for HisGirl @




From the age of four, she has been devoted to a life to please Christ. She is a wonderful reminder that there is nothing that happens to us that cannot be explained or assisted through the Word of God. She is strong willed and soft spoken. I count on her kind words in my comment section whenever I write something new. I used to wish that she wrote more frequently; but I have learned to be patient and wait…and it’s always worth it. Her writings are refreshing and invigorating.


My next award is for Chantal @ 



Here is her “about me“. There is not a braver (is that a word?) person in the world than a single mother. My hat goes off (and stays off) for every woman that fits that bill. Chantal has left me some very kind and thoughtful comments that have been an encouragement to me and my writings. Sometimes they are ironic for me to read because she seems to be amazed by the things that I write; when in reality it is me that is amazed by her and by how she is able to work full time, care for her two beautiful children and her home, and still manage to keep her sanity. What she does for her family is AMAZING. May God continue to bless her and her children!


And last, but not least, Anita Marie @ 




Need I say more?


8 Responses to how’s your credit score

  1. Chantal says:

    My children are with me this week, so my online time is relegated to after they’re in bed, after I’ve cleaned up, after I’ve gotten ready for tomorrow…after after after. Which means late. And I thought, maybe I should go to bed early tonight…but I didn’t, I logged on. And so I ring the doorbell at Charlie’s House, and I see there’s a new post there (Yippee!), so I walk in, settle down with a cuppa joe, and start reading your post about what I THINK are financial difficulties in life or facing them or whatever….good, I think, I can use some of that. And I start reading, and I smile, realizing what kind of credit rating you were REALLY talking about.
    I think: “That is SO like him. What a cool, creative guy…thoughtful, considerate. No wonder his mother comments on his blog!”

    ….and then I get to the pink Supergirl logo….and I had to re-read it twice before it registered…

    The words aren’t coming, Charlie Prince-Among-Men, to say how much your House means to me. Thank you for this, and for the blessings for me & my children.

    2 Corinthians 1: 3-4

    Peace and joy,

  2. jolenemartin says:

    Thank you so much Charlie.

    You and I don’t always agree on things but I do read your blog and check daily for updates. I am often interested by what you write and sometimes just plain confused.

    It means a lot to me that you respect me for trying to hold up traditional values because modern life frustrates me and I do believe I was born to the wrong generation, which is ironic when you consider my role as a very modern woman who works rather than stay home with the kids.

    Anyway, thank you so very much.

  3. Alasdair says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Am I really that contradictory! I suppose that I am in some ways … or maybe I’m just confused LOL .

    You’re spot on though when you say that I believe in people though … I believe that people are inherently good, sometimes things go wrong, bu’hey, that’s life! Whether or not there’s anything beyond that, I guess I’ll find out one way or another soon enough.

    Many thanks Charlie … it’s certainly more manly looking than the shoe full of flowers I gave you LOL

    I’m sure Jolene will be along soon enough, but she’s off to Aberdeen on business for a couple of days so she probably won’t be checking in for a while ;)


    Mr Mom?!?!?

    I found this looming around with the scum in my SPAM folder. My apologies. I can only pray that the foul stench of porn and financial advice will eventually wear off of your clothes and skin. I would not have botherd to re-post, but I wanted and opportunity to direct you toward one of the greatest films of my day.

    Which, by the way, was a Wednesday….

    I would love to see a remake of the original starring Al and Jolene Martin supported by the sprouts.

  4. Alasdair says:

    Hi Charlie, I tried to post a comment earlier but I think wordpress ate it!

    I read your synopsis of my blog and I laughed and laughed and laughed … but then it’s been one of those mornings LOL , which only goes to show that you have more insight than I!

    As for my beliefs I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head, I think people are inherently good … it’s just that they get a little confused sometimes, bu’hey, that’s life ;~)

    Thanks for the award, it really means something from someone who can articulate themselves so thoroughly and so poignantly …

    … oh! and it’s certainly looks somewhat more manly than the shoefull of flowers I gave you LOL

  5. His Girl says:

    sniff, sniff Charlie, I must confess I wish I wrote more as well. I find that I write when the Holy Spirit leads me. It usually ends up being the very thing God has been trying to drill into my head time and time again. Bless you. I so love reading your blogs. What a reminder of what a Christ centered life and marriage can be.

  6. Anita Marie says:

    Whoo hoo!
    I’ve got Spice!
    You rock Charlie

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  8. Charlie says:

    Thank you all!

    I was not sure how to let you all know how much I appreciate your input. I look forward to hearing you all ring my doorbell and sticking around a while. I would also like to add that your sites and the information you include in them has become a part of my daily routine.

    Thank you for your friendship.

    Prince Charles….:lol: (that was too kind C, thanks)

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