love has an aftertaste

trayI have yet to meet a person that actually likes eating Candy Hearts.

Even with that being said; once Valentine’s Day rolls around, I cannot seem escape them. I trip over the pyramids that are stacked to the ceiling of every retail establishment that I enter. I notice them on the counters of hostess stands across our great nation of eateries. I see them on every hard working Americans desk wedged between their Swingline Stapler and the chrome balls clacking on a string swing thing.

I have seen people grab them by the handfuls and transfer them to some alternate location. I have witnessed people fingering through the assortment to find one that perfectly fits their joke-of-the-minute. I have been a bystander and noticed the disappointing look on a persons face that was remiss in remembering what they experienced the last time they plucked one of these candy excuses into their mouth.

I watch and notice disappointment…displeasure…discontent….

boxAs I watch the lifespan of every one of these candy-nots, I can’t help but be saddened by their inability and their ineffectiveness to reveal their true purpose. I see tons of these boxes still in stores long after their “big chance”. I see them in candy bowls well past their born-on-date. (for the sake of the illustration, I am pretending that this candyn’t wouldn’t be the only thing to keep the roaches company after a nuclear holocaust.) I can only assume that a good percentage of this countries landfill are packed with NECCO’s finest. This sadness has a familiar ring to it… doesn’t it?

Let me paint a different chalk-like pastel picture for you.

I think that the actual purpose of this Valentine’s cannotdy is not the daily caloric value, but the message that it carries proudly on its face. I think that the reason for the heart shaped confec-shun, was to speak for those who might be at a loss for words at the moment. I think that the sweetness that they were supposed to provide had nothing to do with its ingredients and everything to do with its quintessence.

But somewhere down the line we started to base our expectations on their bad points as opposed to their finer ones. One day, we subconsciously said that we were going to take for granted what their strengths were and focus on their weaknesses. We actually stopped giving them credit for what they were blessed with. One day, all we could remember was the bad aftertaste.

miscWell, A spouse can suffer the same fate.

How often do we change our expectations of our spouses to meet our desires as opposed to changing our expectations of them to match their abilities? How easy is it for us to take for granted what is staring us in the face and find a way to seek out disappointment in their performance? How easy is it to let them fail, knowing that they could never live up to the standards of our taste test? What messages are we missing by tossing their efforts in the trash when their “big chance” presents itself?

That’s like saying that you will never enjoy another flower because you don’t like the way the dirt tastes, or like saying that you will never fully love your cat because it doesn’t bark.

loveIt sounds crazy doesn’t it?

It’s almost as crazy as putting one of those God-awful combinations of Sugar, Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Gelatin, Modified Food Starch, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Gum Arabic & Xantahn, FDC Red #3, Red #40, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, and Blue #1 in the same mouth you kiss your mother with.

But if you can look past their ingredients for a moment or two… you will discover that they were put in your life to warm your heart, despite their obvious faults.


4 Responses to love has an aftertaste

  1. myderbe says:

    good analogy. :)

    and funny. I like humor with my life lessons.

  2. so true!!!! (But, I am one of the few that kinda like the taste of candy hearts) I thought your analogy was perfect, we gotta give love effort~

  3. imhelendt says:

    Hideous! Disgusting! I can not eat them!

  4. Alasdair says:

    (thankfully) we don’t have that particular brand of Candy Heart in the UK, what we do have is Swizzels ‘Love Hearts’ and they’re fab!

    They’re the sort of sweet that shows up in variety party packs, the sort for kiddies parties, the sort the mrs and I occassionally buy to satiate our sugar cravings … anyway I digress.

    A good post, reminds me of when the mrs and I got married and we ordered a job lot of ‘Love Hearts’ for our wedding favours … they all said ‘Marry Me’ on them!

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