spiritual back fat

re-up (rē-ŭp’)

  1. To enlist again for service.
  2. To sign a renewed contract for employment or service.

4There are very few things in life that we don’t have to reenlists in to continue loyal service. Excluding death and taxes, it takes a concerted effort to continue the efforts that it takes to carry on whatever it is that we are involved in. There are specific moments in our everyday lives, that are often unnoticed but clearly defined (usually in hind site), where you decided to “press on” or “give up” on a desire. There is a distinct fork in the road during every one of these journeys that causes us to make a choice as to where our efforts would be better spent.

(I just read that paragraph 3 times and I am not sure that I understand what I just said.)

Let’s try it this way.

Eating healthy and exercising is a great way to live your life. You stay fit and feel great when you do it. You show great gains (or losses) in the beginning stages and you are easily motivated by the immediate results. Your life changes as you incorporate a strict regimen into your daily routine. You surround yourself with like minded people to share success stories with. Those who are on the outside, looking in, notice something different about you. The scale in your bathroom is your best friend and you fear not your closet and the clothing sizes that are in it.

1Everything sure is great…when it’s great, isn’t it?

Then you come to the fork I was talking about. The weight is not dripping off of you the way it used to after a weekend of margaritas and 23 layer dip and your just not in the mood to work it off right now. You procrastinate when moving toward the Buns of Steel video, but you don’t loose a step when reaching for the chocolate cake. You ignore your common sense and you spoil yourself by intaking types of food that you know are not going to sit well as they attach themselves to the sides of your lower back; in quantities that could feed a small to medium village in a third world country.

Then the light comes on…

Time to recommit yourself to the cause. Time to get back to work. Time to do what is right….not what is easy or simply feels good for the moment. So you get back on the ball and start to regain what you lost. How hard you have to work depends on how far off track you fell.

Now take that same analogy but remove the “Men’s Fitness theme” and enter one of deeper meaning. I will give you some suggestions: Communication with your spouse, time spent with your kids, spiritual growth of your family, intimacy, compassion, honesty, trust, ethical behavior….the list goes on and on. Have you lost site of the goal? Did you get tired? Did you get lazy? Did you forget what you signed up for?

2Stop and think about what you need to Re-Up on and regain your focus.

(My last one was easy.)

I was lucky enough to have a hint drop in my lap. Both of my children indirectly showed me that it was time to Re-Up my commitment as the spiritual lead of the household by loosing interest, almost simultaneously, in church. My daughter no longer participated in the “kids church deal” and my son pretty much watched his wristwatch from the time we got there, till the time we left; occasionally throwing in the “I can’t wait to get home and grab my skateboard, sigh”. I tried to put together a common denominator to their synchronized reluctance….and when I did, I realized that it was me. You see, my intensity and drive had been dwindling over the last few months as it pertained to choosing the wrong G’s. I have been more interested in golf, games, and getting more sleep than I have been in God. After all, everything was just fine and I was not looking for any miracles at that time. (I did pray over a putt or two).  So my children did what they were trained to do…. They followed me! You see…I got out of my rhythm and they fell off track with me.

That’s right…I gave my kids “Spiritual Back Fat”.

3So now I know that it’s time to get EVERYONE back on track, starting with ME. Now I know that it’s time to recommit, refocus and revitalize for the sake of both me and my family. I have a choice to make as I stand at this fork in the road. Do I turn down a path of ignorance and disregard the needs of my family as I believe them to be, or do I choose the path to fulfillment and happiness for all whom I am responsible for? What would you pick?

Whats your fork in the road? Are you just about ready to Re-Up?… I CAN’T HEAR YOU MAGGOTS!!!!



One Response to spiritual back fat

  1. imhelendt says:

    Private Pyle has dishonored himself and dishonored the platoon. I have tried to help him. But I have failed. I have failed because YOU have not helped me. YOU people, have not given Private Pyle the proper motivation! So, from now on, whenever Private Pyle f**** up, I will not punish him! I will punish all of YOU! And the way I see it ladies, you owe me for ONE JELLY DOUGHNUT! NOW, GET DOWN ON YOUR FACES!


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