some christians can be lunatics

_42258770_nfl_416So I’m sitting in my office one day…

A co-worker came in unannounced, sat down in front of me, and proceeded to talk for the next 45 minutes about the upcoming schedule for his favorite college football team.  The conversation included a brief history of his involvement with the university, how it impacts his life, and how I’m missing out on an incredible opportunity for fulfillment by not choosing to follow along with as much passion as he does.

According to him, I was missing out on several life changing residual effects by not being a follower of the team that he has chosen to follow with great passion and desire.  He couldn’t seem to understand how I could make a decision not to want to be a part of something as exciting and fulfilling as what he has experienced by belonging to this group of like minded individuals.  I would go as far to say that he actually had pity for me, in my seemingly miserable existence, because of the empty void I was creating in my heart through my non-commitment.

He stood up with great excitement toward the end of our conversation, gave me a few more reasons try to believe, bid me farewell, then went back to his office singing some kind of fight song and making moves with his hands that could be perceived as epileptic.

015983527So, a few thoughts went through my mind.  One: I never did have an understanding of people with an affinity for following sports so closely that it gives them the idea that it improves their life.  Two: I’m so honored to have a friend that has something that brings him so much joy and who feels like I am special enough for him to take time out of his day to try to share it with me.  Three: Even though I didn’t understand what I was experiencing through my friends eyes, I would remain open minded and do my best to join into productive conversations with him to gain a better understanding of his passion.

After all, he is a friend and I appreciate him.

A few days went by, and the same co-worker swings by my office a bit miffed about an interaction he had with someone while walking on the beach with his wife.  He tells me that some crazy evangelical type of Christian approached him and his wife while they were enjoying their time together to talk to them about their salvation.  He started talking to them about his involvement with Jesus, how it impacts his life, and how he was missing out on an incredible opportunity for fulfillment by not choosing to follow along with as much passion as he does.

My friend said of a couple of other things about this interaction, but the most intriguing was how he could not relate with a person who chose to preach their passion into others’ lives and spew their opinion upon unknowing victims.  He didn’t understand how that person thought it would be an effective way to change their minds into believing what he believed.  He wanted to know why Christians feel like they have the right to treat everyone else like they’re wrong.

I’m sorry to say… I laughed for 27 seconds.

footballjesus“Look (his name), do you remember being in my office a few days ago when talking to me about your football team?  Do you know why you did that?  You did that because you had something in your life that you felt completed you.  You did that because you had a secret that you wanted more people to know about.  You did that because you had a work associate, friend, or brother that you wanted to share your happiness with whether they liked it or not.  You did it because you knew that you knew better than they did and you were going to tell them even though you weren’t quite sure of words you would use to explain it.”

“You did it because you love.”

Now think about the guy on the beach one more time.  Think about how precious his information is to him.  Think about the choices he has to make with what to do with his knowledge.  Think about his opinion of who deserves to share in his happiness and gets to be a part of the wholeness that he experiences because he feels like he is part of a team.  Think about the unconditional love he showed by picking you and your wife instead of the next guy.

You may not have agreed with what he was saying, but you have to agree with what he was doing.


college-football-fansLook, I agree that there’s a whole bunch of people that do things in a way that a whole bunch of other people think is wrong.  But I also understand that a whole bunch of people need to get past what is being said and how it’s being said, and try to understand why it’s being said.  It’s not too hard to find something that we are passionate about.

It’s even easier to think of the people that we love enough to take time to share them with.

I will finish this post by selfishly throwing out an invitation.  If you read this and you’re passionate about something that has changed your life in an amazing way, I would be honored if you would consider me worthy of knowing about it.

 After all… Is it possible to get TOO MUCH love?


3 Responses to some christians can be lunatics

  1. Mike Ash says:

    i look forward to borrowing the pen from you

  2. Jayleigh says:

    The day a friend called me out for something that had been going on in my life. She was bold in her accusation and hit the nail on the head. I was angry and since nobody believed she could have been right, I went around for weeks, telling anyone who would listen that what I’d been accused of.

    And then somehow, God changed my heart. I didn’t think there was anything left of my heart, but God changed it and made it healthy and pink again after being a black little lump of coal. Little-by-little over the past 4 years, I have come out of the darkness and into the light.

    I walk in God’s grace now. I rejoice every single time the evil one reminds me of my past, because it’s in the PAST and I am not that person anymore. I don’t have guilt like I once did, because I know that Jesus died for me, for the way I used to be, and for all the 1000 times a day that I mentally smash someone in the face, or call them a bad word under my breath.

    My sister once said I was a “Jesus Freak” because I told her the above story. I am a lunatic at times. But I don’t go telling this story to just anyone. Only people who have made an awesome point in their blog posts.

    I really liked the sideline parenting posts. I haven’t been around much lately, because of the Foster Daughter, and because I’m just plain busy. Glad you’re still writing. :-)

    Merry Christmastime!

  3. Mabel says:

    Hats off dude [:)] Simply great! Your post is a realization to me.

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