i got a basketball jones

My son plays Basketball for his high school team and I like that a lot.

He gets to learn about teamwork, fair play, sweat equity, and true athleticism. He has a feeling of purpose and learns what it is like to have to count on others. Plus he gets to hang out with like minded friends and share challenges, which helps his confidence and motivation.

…But there are a few selfish reasons I like it, as well…

1)      I dig the idea of him doing something else other than participate in CIA-backed clandestine black operations carried out behind enemy lines only equipped with his Turtle Beach headset and his Xbox controller.

2)      It’s cool that my son helps me to create an opportunity for our extended family to get together a few times a week and spend some quality time focusing on their son/grandson/nephew.

3)      Lastly, but not leastly, get to spend and hour or so, each game, witnessing how much work it takes from everyone on the court to successfully form a team.

Let’s take last game for example.

Let’s just say “They have looked better”. They started loosing fast and it progressively got worse. They were so off their rhythm it made me think of Bristol Palin fumbling across a dance floor on DWTS, but alas, America was not available to come to their rescue.

They started off strong and energetic, but ended weak and dejected. They lost faith in their cause and had a hard time recalling their purpose. They started looking down, and I assume that must be where ‘excuses’ are stored, because that is all they came up with. Some blamed the refs, some blamed each other, and some even blamed the coach. None blamed themselves. I could not believe how many excuses I overheard across the dozen kids that walked off the court.

Let’s lay off the kids for a moment, after all…they’re kids. They are learning this stuff as they go.

More times than not, it is this same line of thinking that ruins relationships that really had a chance of being GREAT. I know so many couples that started off strong and with a sense of purpose, but ended with a bunch of misdirected finger pointing and excuses. Relationships require the same things that basketball teams do. They require a designated individual performance that can be synchronized with differently equipped, but like minded, teammates to achieve a specific goal….TOGETHER.

So here is the deal for couples that are getting their butts kicked so bad that all they want to do is curl up in the fetal position sucking their thumbs in the corner of the round room they are trapped in…

You do you…

Too many folks worry about what they are going to ‘get back’ before they do the right thing. So many couples take steps based on what it will do to fix the other person. Too many things are done to try to prove who is right and who is wrong.

So here is the challenge.

You spend your personal time practicing to be the best you can be at your position. You study your plays and practice your moves. You work on your fundamentals and hone your abilities. You work harder than anyone has ever worked to become great at what they do when game time comes, and just like in sports, it is certain to bring your teammates to the next level.

Think about this little morsel… 

Are we currently good enough players to be on the starting line-up with a player that is as amazing as you expect your partner to be? Well we can be with a little drive, determination, and a lot of conditioning. Are you ready to get practice started? 

Then DO IT! … (encouragement…boom)


One Response to i got a basketball jones

  1. Jayleigh says:

    Charlie. I have been gone from blogging for a while… right now my babies (yes, ages 2 and 4, foster daughters, light of my life and reason I haven’t been blogging) are in bed and I am awake and thought I’d check out my blogging pals.

    Rob (hubby) and I just read this and WOW!!! Have you had our home bugged for the last couple of days? What is it about the Holiday season that brings out the worst in me? I was going to say “each other” but now, I am committed to taking care of myself and letting Rob do himself.

    I HAVE BEEN TERRIBLY SELFISH and I intend to stop right now. Thanks for the reminder.

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