pooling your assets

“It is seldom very hard to do one’s duty when one knows what it is, but it is often exceedingly difficult to find this out.”  ~Samuel Butler

 Some folks work at places where people don’t agree with each other.

I am pretty sure you may know someone that works at a place like this. You know the story… each individual feels like they are the key to the company’s success. Each manager thinks that the doors would shut if they were ever to “up and leave”. Each department knows that they are the reason that the company is in business in the first place. No matter who you talk to in this hypothetical company, they can easily point out 100 things that are wrong with the way things are done, and the dozens of people that screw it up despite their efforts to keep the place open for business. So each of these folks put up barriers to protect their efforts and solidify their definition of self worth.

 We call these barriers “Walls”, and for the sake of discussion I will refer to them as if they were walls in a swimming pool. So what I am explaining looks like this.


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the fabric of life

In honor of my newest blog buddies, I have decided to step out of my comfort (no pun intended) zone and speak about quilting.


I am amazed at the amount of people that share this interest, and although you will probably never see me basting, bearding, or binding; I must admit that I was thinking about getting a rotary cutter to help me cut my thin and crispy margarita pizzas into perfect little triangles.

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