with all due respect

I worked for a pretty big retail organization for more than half of my professional career.

I will try not to give away the name of the company in the attempt to protect your decision to continue shopping there, if need be. So please understand that if I use the words “home improvement”, “orange apron”, or “The Depot”; it is out of coincidence, and in no way am I trying to give away the fact that I worked for Home Depot for 12 plus years in store management.

importanteersWith that (not) being said…

Have you noticed that the only people that think you can actually find “excellence in customer service” in these stores are the Depot employees that don’t actually have to perform the service? You know what I mean, don’t you? There are a slew of big shots (that don’t wear the orange aprons with their name Sharpied on them), sitting in a huge conference room (with those cool leather chairs with the gold buttons on them) writing a Standard Operating Procedure (that makes The Bible look like a 2 point AR book) for “helping another human being” figure out where the light bulbs are located in the store. Read more of this post


the taylor made dad

I have been in the market for some new golf clubs as of late. I am not one of those maniacs that buy and try every new golf club that is supposed to contain the latest and greatest 845technology. Nor am I a guy that believes that a club can make up for what practice has neglected. I am simply a man that understands that I can find some benefit in upgrading the sticks that I purchased 17 years ago.

When I bought my current clubs I didn’t do a tremendous amount of research. I watched T.V. and looked at the clubs being used by the guys that were making all the money on tour. I made my selection based on the success of guys like Fred Couples and never thought twice about it. I bought them right off the rack with matching woods and a putter and started playing the game.

With those clubs, I learned to putt well and chip decent. My iron shots are high and crisp. I am not out driven very often and sometimes they are even in the fairway. I score well (even when I count every stroke) and I understand the meaning of the game and have respect for its required etiquette. My clubs have treated me well, and in return, I have cared for them.

Now as I shop for my new buddies, I find myself experiencing different challenges. Read more of this post

the dark side of the force

VaderDid you sympathize with Darth Vader when he was trying to get Luke to see things his way?

Lord Vader was more than a dark, ruthless figure, out to capture, torture, or kill heroes to prevent them from thwarting the Empire. Vader was also a dad. A dad with a son. A son that he thought he knew best about. I like to think that Vader had one of two intentions (one equally as selfish as the other):

1. Ensure his (Vader’s) destiny would be fulfilled

2. To guide Luke to a life that was (in his opinion) equal to, or better than, the one he (Vader) was living

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