convincing women with beer and guns

top-secretThis one’s going out to all the ladies.


If you give me a few minutes and a few paragraphs I will take you on a journey into the deepest darkest corners of a man’s mind.  I may not actually reveal anything unbelievably profound, but I may validate your inability to explain what is and always will be, unexplainable about the inner psyche of a man.  Worse case scenario, you’ll know you’re not alone and that there are plenty of other women who stare dazed and confused at their significant other as they display the most questionable behavior ever imaginable. Read more of this post


deal or no deal

Imagine you’re a quarterback for a professional football team.You have been on the same team for years and you have an impressive winning record. You have proven your commitment to the team through hard work, concerned effort, and teamwork. You take time to study the game and you apply your knowledge to each challenge; always learning, always growing. You respect your teammate’s opinions and feelings, so you work on including them in playmaking decisions and try to give everyone a chance to participate.

huddleYou find yourself in a huddle during a big game.

The strength and ability of your team is being challenged and you all join together, as usual, and formulate your next play. You assess your current situation, taking your players condition and talents in mind and you call a play. Your team cheers you on in agreement and you all throw your hands in the middle and start the cadence for the “unity cry”…

1..2..3..GO!!! Read more of this post

she’s a brick……….house

stoneI remember being a stone.

There was no rhyme or reason to my edges. Some were curved and some were sharp. There was no motive for them to conform to anything or for the stone to change its shape or size. I was closer to round than it was to square. I didn’t have to match with anything. I was simply a random piece of stone. Rolling along, trying to move along with life.

Life takes a stone and transforms it.

It works at smoothing out the rough edges of your stone. It does it’s best to even out the sides and flatten the top and bottom. You sometimes question why life is messing with you; everything seemed to be pretty darn good as you rolled along. Now you have transformed into something that looks more like a brick.

One day you meet another brick. Read more of this post