i got a basketball jones

My son plays Basketball for his high school team and I like that a lot.

He gets to learn about teamwork, fair play, sweat equity, and true athleticism. He has a feeling of purpose and learns what it is like to have to count on others. Plus he gets to hang out with like minded friends and share challenges, which helps his confidence and motivation.

…But there are a few selfish reasons I like it, as well…

1)      I dig the idea of him doing something else other than participate in CIA-backed clandestine black operations carried out behind enemy lines only equipped with his Turtle Beach headset and his Xbox controller.

2)      It’s cool that my son helps me to create an opportunity for our extended family to get together a few times a week and spend some quality time focusing on their son/grandson/nephew.

3)      Lastly, but not leastly, get to spend and hour or so, each game, witnessing how much work it takes from everyone on the court to successfully form a team. Read more of this post


i spit in your general direction

I will be your best friend for two weeks if you make it through these next two paragraphs without falling into a hypnotic trance of boredom….

On your mark, get set, go…

A “Brain Trust” was the name given to a diverse group of economists, professors, and others who served as advisors to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the early hmmmmperiod of his tenure. These men played a key role in shaping the policies of the First New Deal. Although they never met together as a group, they each had Roosevelt’s ear.

The term “Brain Trust” was first coined in 1901 and used in a sarcastic sense in reference to the first American general staff of the U.S. President. In 1932, New York Times writer James M. Kiernan revived the term when he applied it to the close group of experts that surrounded presidential candidate Franklin Roosevelt. The term has since been applied in general sense to any close group of advisors.

I wonder where he got that idea… (click insert, hmmmm) Read more of this post

RSS for dummies…literally

Here are 5 feeds that you should NEVER rely on RSS to deliver!

I am one of those crazy guys that is suspicious of the intentions of the Internet. I think that there is as much to learn from the World Wide Web as there is to try not to learn. In order for me to explain where I am going with this, I need to insure that you understand what RSS is. If you think this statement is me challenging your smartnestitude, please understand that I just figured it out about a month ago and am assuming that there are others that don’t get it. (I’m betting my wife is one)

So, for your learning enjoyment, please take a brief moment to watch the clip I have provided. Then come back and I’ll put a little hibbity-dibbity on it.

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