some christians can be lunatics

_42258770_nfl_416So I’m sitting in my office one day…

A co-worker came in unannounced, sat down in front of me, and proceeded to talk for the next 45 minutes about the upcoming schedule for his favorite college football team.  The conversation included a brief history of his involvement with the university, how it impacts his life, and how I’m missing out on an incredible opportunity for fulfillment by not choosing to follow along with as much passion as he does. Read more of this post


it’s only 13.1 miles from hooters to church

My wife and I ran a half marathon last Sunday that was sponsored by the Hooters in my home town.

help 2I had no intentions of running this race, as I had spent exactly zero effort training for a race of this distance. My wife, on the other hand did, and I was there to cheer on my sweety pie. (plus she looks hot in her running garb). We got there early enough to give her time to sign in and stretch with plenty of time for us to chat about how cold it was that morning. We kept warm in the car until just before the race and she made her way to the starting line. Somewhere in the middle of that, I decided that I had no idea what I was going to do for two hours while she was gone…

So I signed up an ran the race. Read more of this post

spiritual back fat

re-up (rē-ŭp’)

  1. To enlist again for service.
  2. To sign a renewed contract for employment or service.

4There are very few things in life that we don’t have to reenlists in to continue loyal service. Excluding death and taxes, it takes a concerted effort to continue the efforts that it takes to carry on whatever it is that we are involved in. There are specific moments in our everyday lives, that are often unnoticed but clearly defined (usually in hind site), where you decided to “press on” or “give up” on a desire. There is a distinct fork in the road during every one of these journeys that causes us to make a choice as to where our efforts would be better spent.

(I just read that paragraph 3 times and I am not sure that I understand what I just said.)

Let’s try it this way. Read more of this post