ask and you shall receive…just not right now

“Egg Hut Tree Hack Shin”

Have you ever concentrated so hard on what you were saying that it was unclear what you were thinking when you said it?

I know that sometimes I get so wrapped up in the obvious that I miss the actual message. I can be so concerned with my opinion and what seems logical, that I become vindicated due to my understanding of the given situation. I fight the flow of any other solution, never considering it plausible. Some people call that “Jumping to Conclusions”; others call it “Ambiguity”; but what it really is, is “Stubbornness”.

“Sea Can’t Higher Dove Fit”

Other times we just had a different idea of what we were trying to accomplish. Our intentions didn’t quite match our impact. In some cases they were polar opposites. We didn’t take time to fully understand our possible audience and the results were disastrous. Read more of this post


faith…kinda, sorta

Think about anyone you know that is in a position of power.

kingIt may be the President, Vice President, or a Chief of Staff. It could be an Accountant, a Doctor, or a Counselor. It may be a Police Officer, Judge, or Jury. It might be a Parent, a Teacher or a Coach. It does not matter who you pick, all of them have one thing in common. They are used to being in charge. They are the ones that have to remember to hold things together in good times and in bad. They are the ones that we count on when the going gets tough and we need more help than we are able to offer ourselves. They are the people with the plan.

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truth or dare

When you ask God for help, do you mean it? Or are you just playing a game?

Anyone who has been reading my blog would understand that I am content. I love my wife and children. I am grateful for the things that I have and successfully reduced the amount of things that I would regularly covet elsewhere. I don’t really ask much for myself but I do insist on much for my family. I have always considered myself a “provider“.

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