the day i came out of the closet

what did he sayName something that you did but wish you didn’t.

Allow me to rephrase that in the attempt to better capture your attention and increase the chances of you reading on.)

Name something that you didn’t realize that you did until after you did it and looked back at how you potentially just damaged your marriage forever. Something that was so stupid and meaningless at the time, but possibly made a statement that it had the power to permanently scar the bond what you have built with your spouse to date. An action that was so poorly planned and so horribly executed that, if you showed it in slow motion, could be viewed as more painful than Britney’s MTV Music Awards extravaganza.

I will paint the picture for you, but I must warn you of a few things… Read more of this post


a greater tolerance for chaos

click to fight“Every time I have the opportunity to sin, I have the opportunity to bear fruit of the spirit as well. In a momentary flash; I can choose self-control or allow my eyes to wander. I can choose kindness or let a bit of vindictiveness leak out. What determines which one wins? In my life it’s largely the level of incubation.” 

                       —Ron Martoia , morph! ,  2003


I read this paragraph in Ron’s book a few years ago, and again a few days ago. Then I did my favorite thing I do when I come across something I want to absorb for a while; I went for a run. A “business as usual” run except I turn down my headphones to a faint mumble (for background filler only), and allow my kooky brain to grind up what I have learned and make it relevant enough to apply to something that I am going through at the moment. Read more of this post

you want a piece of me?

My last few posts have been a bit on the mushy side. My very last post (and most popular to date according to my stats, go figure) was about “quilting”. It is with this in mind that I implore upon you to please excuse the violent nature of this post as I swing my ever powerful “man-a-tude” pendulum to the opposite extreme.

With the causes and effects of war we are not concerned. Its continued existence is inevitable and its results for good or evil are beyond all human power to avert or change. — George S. Patton, Jr. 1927


Rock Balboa had a battle to fight.

He was challenged by men that didn’t know him; ridiculed by those who knew him less; questioned by those closest to him, doubted by those he respected; and found no support, initially, from those he loved. He had no reason to follow through. He had every reason to cower. He had been supplied any and every excuse he needed to back down.

But he chose to fight anyway. Read more of this post